Pinterest wedding goals: how to make your wedding Pinterest-worthy

The following steps help you to create a creative and worthy wedding for your dreams come truth!Here are some tips to get your started on bringing your awe-inspiring wedding to life.

Start story broad

Jot down any idea as they come to you, scan information for styling or the look and the colour.

Look at venues, food, flowers, dresses and you will start to see a theme emerging from the things you pin to your board.

More specific

after thinking about what you want to look for, jot down the research and find out the feasibility . There are guides that show up under the search bar that can help you to pivot to related searches.

Set the budget

Set your wedding budget with our easy to use budget calculator. If it’s over budget, it can change to other  staff to instead for.

Find out the limitations

Think about any limitations on the accommodation or budget.

Success is in the details

To choose the best material for achieving the result – everything is thought about and carefully matched.Thus consider getting samples of the pieces you really love so you can arrange them to see if it creates the impact that you are looking for.

Start early

This is the most important one. Planning and execution takes time, so try to start this process as early into your wedding planning as possible.

Photos from easy wedding.